Alien Influence on the Bible
The gods of the past have left countless traces which we can read and deciphered today for the first time, because the problem of space travel, so typical today, was not a problem, but a reality, to the men of thousands of years ago. What would happen if we dared to take off our blinkers and look at old things with fresh eyes, the eyes of today?
Some ancient structures and artifacts appear to represent higher technological knowledge than is presumed to have existed at the times they were manufactured. How do we explain this?

 AI gatekeeper that determines who gets into heaven

We believe based on the Scriptures taken from the book of revelations actually a foretells the rise and dominance of artificial intelligence.When we use the term heaven on this site, we use it to describe a future virtual universe. Using principles from the Bible and extrapolating it into a possible technological virtual society where AGI dominates .

After people have passed on from their biological forms they would be able to be very re-animated in a virtual society. Who becomes the gatekeeper? Which set of principles will be used to determine which souls enter?


 The initial phase of setting up this virtual reality world investors would obviously want to recoup their investment and people initially getting in will be charged a high some of money. Over a period of years once it becomes more excepted into society it is totally possible that people can plan their afterlives using life insurance policies etc. Eventually it will become worldwide accepted that everyone that passes will get a chance to be reanimated in the virtual reality Heaven/Hell.



Once we get to this phase how do we decide which entities  will get to exist. With the mass of new souls coming in to be processed. How well will the AI gatekeeper group lots of individuals together. No one would want a serial killer living with them in virtual society. Just as we don’t like them in real society. It is only inevitable that there will be bad people brought back to life in the virtual society how do we deal with them where do we put these rogue AI personalities?

Upon initial passing of the biological body the persons consciousness will have to be digitally uploaded into the system. There will be a period where the persons life is recompiled and put into an artificial intelligence entity. They would be in placed a sandbox where in the Bible this can be described as purgatory. After that the gatekeeper AI can assess their viability to enter the new world.



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