Alien Influence on the Bible
The gods of the past have left countless traces which we can read and deciphered today for the first time, because the problem of space travel, so typical today, was not a problem, but a reality, to the men of thousands of years ago. What would happen if we dared to take off our blinkers and look at old things with fresh eyes, the eyes of today?
Some ancient structures and artifacts appear to represent higher technological knowledge than is presumed to have existed at the times they were manufactured. How do we explain this?

What is the Bible?what is the bible

What the Bible offers is a guidebook to interactions—with people, with things, with life in general. The bible lays out all the principles you’ll ever need to make the important decisions in your life. In its pages, you’ll find a thorough examination of what makes for a good idea and what makes for a terrible one.



I don’t think our parents ever really saw our generation coming. They grew up in a world where people stretched a dollar as far as they could, and when something ripped, they put a patch on it and kept going. Most of their parents or grandparents remember living through the Great Depression, where just having anything, no matter how old, was a big deal.


The New-Testament text is no longer exclusively about the world to which it was written. Rather, it projects the world of Christian discipleship into which it invites readers of succeeding generations to enter. The contemporary meaning of the text is not something added on to a basic literal meaning. It is intrinsic to the meaning of the text. The question about the spirituality embedded in texts asks for a new reading of biblical texts


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