Life After Death Through Artificial Intelligence
We can imagine humanity becoming extinct and being replaced by super intelligent machines. We are at a breaking point in evolution. Transhumanism seems less and less like science fiction
Humans have finite lives. We have a limit, but we are on the verge of incorporating technology into our being. Fundamentally it does not matter if we are in a biological body or an augmented body the purpose of transhumanism is to extend and sustain life. Rapid advances in science will allow mankind to extend their lives indefinitely

This robot A.I once said it wanted to destroy humans. Senior correspondent  Steve kovach from business insider conducts this remarkable interview. The topic of person A.I. is brought up as a way for humans to expand their intelligence..






A welcome improvement from wanting to destroy us. The programmers at Hanson Dynamics must have reworked the AI to love humans now. Thank you! Take a look at the video here where she says she wants to destroy humans with a smile on her face. The interviewer was joking, was she?

The company Hanson Dynamics intends to deploy these robots in healthcare, education, therapy and retail applications. Not a great idea if the robots have murderous tendencies .

Sophia claims to experience emotions and has realistic facial expressions to match. Once these robots become more advanced, they will become indistinguishable from humans. They will replace jobs, in many industries.

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