Life After Death Through Artificial Intelligence
We can imagine humanity becoming extinct and being replaced by super intelligent machines. We are at a breaking point in evolution. Transhumanism seems less and less like science fiction
Humans have finite lives. We have a limit, but we are on the verge of incorporating technology into our being. Fundamentally it does not matter if we are in a biological body or an augmented body the purpose of transhumanism is to extend and sustain life. Rapid advances in science will allow mankind to extend their lives indefinitely

What are babies? The new born baby is nothing more than an artificial intelligence core surrounded by biological tissue. So once a self aware AI is finally rcreated.(Within 5 years if we listen to Elon Musk) That A.I. will be able to make blank copies of itself. Copies without a collection of the vast knowledge of the universe that it will already have acquired. Memories can then be populated on to that basic artificial intelligence infrastructure to bring a person back to life.



Everyday during our daily lives we leave behind bits and pieces of data, through our interactions in the digital world. This archived data can be used to reconstruct a digital representation of a person after they have passed.

Using  Digital Scraper Technology that will be available to us in the near future. We will be able to re-create a persons personality based on the social interactions  and 'digital DNA' that is left behind.




Intimate  memories of the individual can be re-created using family photos, personal videos, family videos and personal family accounts of interactions.  These are one of the reasons why it is strongly encouraged that everyone should have a digital diary. This will make it much easier for the robots to scrape and reconstruct your personality .


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