Alien Influence on Ancient Man
In hundreds of years from now if humans start exploring space and found a planet with indigenous humanoids that hasn't discovered the wheel. If we went down to visit and interact with them. Would they not honor us as gods?
When we left would a not write stories about us? What if some of us stayed behind and went to different parts of that world with modern-day medicines curing diseases. Would they not call us miracle workers and maybe write Bibles about us?

Astronomers can’t rule out that possibility after an exciting new discovery.
A team in Canada recently stumbled upon ultra-brief repeating waves from deep space for only the second time in history.
Appearing on ABC News Live, Senior SETI astronomer Seth Shostak talked about the fascinating find: "Could that be aliens that are in those galaxies and they have some need to get in touch... well maybe."
"It is something new, every time we see something we’ve never seen before that is an opportunity to learn something new about the universe," astrophysicist Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi told ABC News Live.
Shostak also shared behind-the-scenes information about a promising signal discovered by SETI in 1997 and how he reacted at the time.
"We had picked up a signal, it was passing all the tests. This looked like the real deal, I was there waiting for the Men in Black to show up... " he said.


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